iR-Furniture Series

Product Overview

iR-Furniture is a Hong Kong Brand. Incorporated with the latest RFID technologies, iR-Furniture equips with powerful features for inventory control and management. With software applications, users can gain immediate access to the database to stock-take and monitor the iR-Furniture status.

Most importantly, integration of the online and offline systems facilitates users to collect, manage and analyze the data more conveniently. Speeds up the progress of computerization and automation of the operating system and brings revolutionary changes to the retail industry.

Key Features

1. Stock Control
Stock-taking can be conducted easily with the iR-Furniture software system by scanning the RFID tags enclosed with the products. A detailed stock report can be generated immediately, which reduces the stock-taking time by 70% when compared to the manual stock-taking method.

2.Trace of Stocks
Cloud computing showcase is designed to cater the needs of the retailers in high-end/luxury goods markets, in particular to the jewellery, watches and optical industries.

With the cloud computing software system, ingenious goods can be easily traced and the searching time can be reduced. Moreover, stock level can be recorded more accurately to avoid stock shortage or overstocking.

3. Item Behavior
Stock records are valuable information to retailers in analyzing the sales pattern. Retailers can make use of the statistics generated by RFID and the cloud computing software system to evaluate and adjust their marketing and pricing strategies to fit customers’ needs. Retailers can maximize the sales revenue by fully utilizing the limited shelf space of the premises to display popular goods.

4. I-catcher
With installation of the surveillance system, security alerts will be sent to the users at management level if the display items leave the cloud computing showcase longer than the indicated period of time.

5. Dashboard
Real-time data are collected and uploaded to the cloud account by the iR-Furniture software system instantly. Users can use electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones to gain immediate access to the data and monitor the current status of the cloud computing showcase at anytime and anywhere. The dashboard offers transparency and control over the data associated with the cloud account.